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Houston Naked Yoga has a focus on acceptance, wellness, growth, and connection in a safe and healing environment. Our yoga offerings include public classes and private sessions. In addition to yoga, we offer a variety of naked workshops, retreats, games, and more.




Darrin Brindle


Darrin Brindle believes in connecting others and ourselves through facilitating yoga, ecstatic dance, nutrition, creative exploration, human2human experiences and other offerings. He has been teaching yoga since 2012 and practicing since 2007.


Darrin is a natural educator who has an authentic style of facilitation that creates an inclusive, safe, and nurturing space where all are made to feel welcome. He encourages participants into new, loving ownership of the inherent value and worth of their body, mind, and spirit. He explores and breaks down walls of shame and negative body image, and focuses on a healthy sexuality based upon respect and communication.


Darrin is a 200-hour registered Yoga teacher and a graduate of Ecstatic Dance Evolution. He shares a wide range of personal growth and healing classes through private and group lessons, corporate sessions, workshops, retreats, and consulting. Darrin’s mantra is to BE LOVE in this world, to oneself,
and to others.


Be Natural, Be Love, Be You!